Mad Fish Digital is proud to say we have joined the B Corp movement.

Our team has worked to evaluate business practices, solidify our social focus, and document processes that reflect our values and commitment to the clients, employees, vendors, and communities we serve. In doing so, we have achieved our B Corporation certification.  We’re proud to join companies like Patagonia, Warby Parker, and Hootsuite in this community. Portland, and Oregon in general, have strong roots with B Corp. From Green Drop Garage to Scout Books, the industries vary but the values don’t.

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp is for corporations what fair trade is to coffee. It represents a commitment to a triple bottom line, putting people and planet over profit. Being certified represents our commitment to our community, world, and employees. Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but their stakeholders as well. We’re proud to make this commitment. Biannually we will complete a B Impact Report (the lengthy questionnaire that measures our social and environmental impact) to ensure we are meeting the high-performance standards set out by B Lab. 

Visit the B Lab website to learn more.

Why we’re excited about being a B Corp

Becoming a B Corp was a natural next step for Mad Fish Digital. It formalizes our core values of collaboration, accountability, and genuine relationships under an umbrella that helps channel those efforts throughout our work. As we have connected and grown with our community, finding the right ways to demonstrate our mission included becoming a B Corp. Marketing isn’t traditionally thought of as a force for good. We have always worked to be an agency that fought against that mindset. Our B Corp certification further helps us be an agency that changes the way marketing is used now and in the future. Our promise: never stop growing.

As digital workers, we craft campaigns and messages that resonate with individuals. We take this responsibility to be the voice of the individuals, the organizations and the companies that mirror our values serious.  We look to help them succeed and in doing so, impact our community and enrich the work lives of the team members at Mad Fish.

The B Corp certification isn’t about having finished the work. Becoming a B Corp for us means a commitment to keep growing and working to be better. To build communities and connections in search of a better world, online and off. Learn more about our continued efforts here.

Be the Change

Check out our infographic on B Corps and the community below.