For some companies, Q1 is an opportunity to sow the seeds of the new year, and Q2 is when you start to see your ideas and strategies come to fruition. 

For others, Q1 has been an exercise in efficiency. Marketing pros are asking themselves how they can maximize productivity and get smarter with their marketing strategies.

3 Ways to Boost your Marketing Strategy (and maximize your budget!)

  1. Leverage your data
  2. Utilize artificial intelligence
  3. Outsource marketing tasks

Leverage your data

If you’re not paying close attention to your data analytics, you may be missing out on opportunities for improvement. Take a look at the data on your website. Have you migrated over to using Google Analytics 4? Noticing high bounce rates or low conversion rates on landing pages? This might be your cue to make changes today that can lead to higher customer retention rates, and avoid the impending sunset date of Google’s Universal Analytics. 

If you’re running paid ad campaigns, you’ll want to revisit your optimization strategy. Review your data. Are you really getting the most bang for your buck? If you’re not sure you’re getting the best CPA, or reaching an achievable ROAS, we can help you craft goals around your paid media strategy.  

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Utilize artificial intelligence 

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should use ChatGPT to expedite content creation and reduce the need for copywriters. 

Here’s the thing about ChatGPT… In many instances, we use it too! 

At Mad Fish Digital, we’ve started to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence. In fact, we’ve started to benchmark its effectiveness when analyzing phone calls in our phone tracking software.

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But let’s be clear: artificial intelligence is a neat tool, but it’s a long way from being a replacement for people. Our team is expert at harnessing our clients’ brand identity and investing hours of research into cultivating a deep understanding of target audiences and their needs and preferences.

It’s also a tool that is in its infancy. If you use ChatGPT, take care not to input personally identifiable information (your company name, revenue details, or other sensitive information), as that data will instantaneously become part of the public record.

Outsource marketing tasks

Instead of investing in a full-time employee, consider hiring a marketing agency to support your marketing needs. The benefit of partnering with an agency? You get access to a team of experts and resources that can drive growth for your company! 

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