If you’re not already tracking your businesses incoming phone calls from online sources, then you should be.  Phone tracking, also referred to as “Website Phone Call Tracking”, “Metered Numbers”, or “Dynamic Call Tracking” is an essential means of determining how well your online marketing efforts are performing.


For many companies, understanding how phone tracking works and setting it up properly seems to be a daunting undertaking.  Efforts to track calls by medium simply take a back seat to other seemingly more important endeavors. Mad Fish has developed a simple to implement phone tracking platform any company may use.

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How does a trackable phone number work?

A trackable phone number is a typically a VOIP phone number that accepts incoming phone calls, then forwards that call through a server, and onto a specified number.  That means that you can setup a basic trackable phone number and have it forward right on to your business’s phone number.  That way your staff receives an incoming call just like normal, and you now have valuable data about each call.

Does a trackable number affect my website’s SEO?

By using our asynchronous javascript code, your website’s SEO will not be affected.  As long as you leave your main phone numbers in the website’s source code, our javascript will do the rest.  Since our script is asynchronous, it loads in the background, and does not affect your website’s loading time.

What kind of data do I get?

Should you want it, phone call data typically includes:

  • Call recordings. Great for teachable moments to the sales staff and monitoring customer experience
  • Phone call origination. Did your customer come from PPC ads? SEO?  Social Media? Direct Mail? By having the answer to this question, you and your team can allocate marketing dollars properly and effectively target customers through the proper medium.
  • Caller ID. Understand who is calling from where and how often.

In addition to the great data provided by phone calls, our clients also have the ability to flag or categorize incoming calls as well as add valuable notes within our online platform.

Prioritize Call Tracking

We know that complicated data collection can often fall as a second tier priority.  Mad Fish has streamlined the dynamic call tracking process and made it easy to understand and implement on any website. The value you will get from phone tracking is well worth the time to give us a call.

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