Join us as we explore transparency features for Facebook and Google so you can better understand how political campaigns target voters. In every election, understanding how the new age of voting and political advertising can help us understand outcomes and best practices.

In this webinar, we share:

  • Paid digital advertising’s role in a campaign’s digital strategy
  • Tips for using transparency tools in Google & Facebook
  • How to analyze the digital strategies behind a campaign

We discuss how domains have been weaponized by campaigns for misleading messaging, how hashtags have been coopted or accelerated to drive understanding, and where digital transparency reports from different platforms. This includes Facebook and Google.

We share spend over time for both campaigns. In addition, detailing how the spend coincides with events on the campaign trail. In addition, we examine the creative behind both campaigns. From fear tactics to testimonials, we help you understand each side. Finally, we explore landing pages and what comes next.

Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns in 2020 Webinar