onlywire1Who has the time during their busy week to run down the LONG list of bookmarking sites? Are you tired of spending hours submitting your content to social bookmarking sites? There’s one quick, easy answer to your social networking dilemma and it’s called OnlyWire.
OnlyWire is a one-stop shopping auto-bookmarking tool. It makes it easy for companies to automatically send web content to major social bookmarking sites at once. This stable, secure platform is reliable and works FAST! OnlyWire is being used by all the online players – webmasters, bloggers, content developers, online marketers, etc.
If you need to blast out content to promote your site/company, OnlyWire will DRIVE quality web traffic to your site in no time! This tool allows you to spread the word quickly about your company, products and services without wasting a lot of time submitting content to INDIVIDUAL bookmarking sites
Add OnlyWire today and watch your traffic skyrocket! OnlyWire can really help out your site/company in the following ways:
onlywire1-1• Automatically submits new posts to MANY bookmarking sites at the same time
• Increased traffic to sites quickly and easily
• Increased speed of search engine indexes
• Increased backlinks
OnlyWire knows what it’s doing and you don’t have to spend hours researching what bookmarking sites will increase your traffic. This tool is all about QUALITY social bookmarking.
OnlyWire submits to over 20 social bookmarking sites such as:
You have to sign up for each of these sites individually in order to use the tool. Bookmarking sites are free and easy to navigate.
Another great feature of OnlyWire is that it includes the Power of the Button – allows you manage submissions at the same time. Check out the following functions/addons:
onlywire2• You have the option of adding bookmarklets with the “OnlyWire Browser Button.” This makes it really easy when you’re using your browser. Just submit once with the click of a button!
• Add “Bookmark and Share” button to your website or blog. This allows users to post your content to other websites simultaneously! There are addons for both Firefox and Internet Explorer – easy to download and use immediately!
• Developers can use the “OnlyWire API” feature – allows developers to add other bookmarking sites that aren’t currently used by OnlyWire. There’s an API limit of five submissions per day.
Paid Versus Promote Option
You are under no obligation to pay for OnlyWire. With the paid version, you receive the “ad free” version. Paid members are advised to embed their “Bookmark and Share” button on websites and blogs to increase traffic to their sites. Another great feature with the paid service is you have the capability to turn off OnlyWire ads (so you don’t have to view their ads).
The “promote” option is the free OnlyWire version. You still can download the tool and add it to your site to increase traffic; however, you don’t have the option to turn off ads. You promote the site via OnlyWire advertising – one of the catches to the “promote”/free version.