Mad Fish began working with a client in September 2012 that specializes in providing their customers with vehicle connectivity solutions offering mobile WiFi integration. The company sells both nationally and internationally, with a focus on mass transit and private charter agencies. They also specialize in connectivity solutions for private sector vehicles, such as RVs and boats.

The client was interested in increasing their online visibility in organic search engines as well as becoming an authoritative online presence. Additional goals included promoting their products as well as increasing their online relevancy in the competitive market.


Mad Fish set out with the following goals for the campaign:

  • Increase qualified website traffic
  • Increase monthly website sales
  • Increase monthly website leads
  • Page one presence for primary key search terms


Mad Fish carried out a website usability analysis and implemented updates based on the findings, which assisted in improving both traffic and rankings. Over the last two years, Mad Fish has continued fine tuning SEO strategy for this client so as to further advance the client’s online presence and increase website authority.


Organic Search Traffic Increases Over 117% by Second Year of Service

Increases in organic and non-branded traffic began immediately following Mad Fish’s services and continued month over month. By the second year of services, our client’s organic traffic had increased over 117% from when we began implementing our strategies.

The client now has an authoritative online presence which has contributed greatly to their growth of their business, as it has maximized their reach and helped facilitate new client acquisition.


Non-Branded Keyword Search Engine Rankings Increase

Although Google withholds more and more information in their analytics, reviewing keyword visits still provides a benchmark to determine if certain terms are driving traffic.

The examples below show a drastic increase in two keywords essential to this client’s business. As the analytics show, these terms brought in very little traffic the year prior. Currently, they are the two of the highest traffic driving keywords