Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


When you’re optimizing for SEO, it can be easy to get stuck on brand keywords or specific items that you’re looking for and ignore the long tail keywords that can move the needle for your company. Analyzing consumer questions and finding consumer keywords that include more than 5 words means you’re answering real people’s questions and can rank higher with specificity. Plus, it’ll cost you less than focusing solely on pay per click. Get more tips on long tail keywords here.


Wondering about ways to break out of your Google, Bing, and social bubble? We’re loving this piece from Tim Halloran who experimented with using Quora ads to expand his reach and find out what business sectors would do the best using similar strategies. His recommendations? Political organizations, nonprofits, SaaS, consulting, law, insurance, and financial services can all thrive due to topic-based information and interests. Learn more about nailing your Quora ads here.


The push for designers to round out their skill sets with additional knowledge around the building and implementation of their designers around the web and app store has strengthened in the past few years, but focusing on coding may mean spending precious time outside your wheelhouse for a position you aren’t interested in. In this piece, Jose Torre explains why he believes designers should explore coding, and how and when they should decide to stop if it isn’t for them. Find out more here.

Social Media

I struggle to unplug over the weekend, whether it’s from work or the onslaught of news and social media updates that push me to interact more and pick up my phone every four minutes. I’ve been trying to get better, and have done some digital detoxes, but can’t say I’ve cracked the code on less screen time yet. However, this piece from Samuelle Hane breaks down tips on how to get started on the process yourself. Less tech improves your sleep, better decisions, memory, and even being more present. Learn more here.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and journalism aren’t the same, but they require a lot of the same skills. As someone who has worked in both, it’s important that I bring the best of both to the table when I’m working on writing, whether it’s a blog for an agency or a brief social media post. So much of creating good, effective content is in understanding the public and convincing them of the value of the pieces. Empathy and understanding the humans you’re trying to reach is the key to delivering the content and information they need to succeed. Understanding how humans live their lives, and helping the media and brands stay interested in human beings themselves is crucial. Find out more here.


It’s time to stop doing everything. With the world’s obsession with side hustles, long hours, and being a do-er that is obsessed with everything we’ve lost our ability to hone in on real interests and goals. Chris Marchie explains his journey to going slower and getting good at one thing before trying to concur his next 6 goals. Ready to crush it? Pick one thing, give it your full focus, and take on the world one day and one goal at a time.