Sports FanHave you noticed some companies are masculinizing products, previously associated with women? This is opening new markets. For example, Dove is making it safe for men to buy facial cleansers and moisturizers. You may have seen the new Dove Men + Care line at Target?
Dove Commercial
In the clip Dove makes the case that as a grown man you are entitled to skin care. They say, “Be comfortable in your own skin” It is a manly and successful thing to do. They are speaking to the emotions of their target audience.
It may be a while before the average American man is enjoying the pleasure of a soak in a bubble bath or moisturizing religiously. However, global corporations like Unilever are putting big bucks behind recreating social norms. In a few years it may be the new normal.


Dove did a few clever things we should all be thinking about while crafting messages for our customers. Dig deep! Here are some tough questions that will help you expand your target audience and get your message right.

  1. If you know your audience, ask yourself, “How would I sell this to someone completely different?”
  2. Are you being misinformed by nonsensical beliefs about what your demographic will buy?
  3. Does your message speak to the primal needs of your target audience?
  4. What is the psychology behind the buyer?
  5. What is important to the buyer at a core level?
  6. How does the buyer want to be perceived by others?
  7. What does the buyer do to keep the image they have of themselves?

Once you have answered these questions, it is possible to relate your product or service back to their needs. When they can see themselves in your product or service, you have evoked the emotions needed to trigger a purchase. Next time I’ll talk about making your manly product female friendly.
What products have you seen companies turning from female oriented products to male oriented products?