Mad Fish Digital is proud to be a research-oriented and data-driven agency. That goes for our client work, where we use cutting edge technology and custom strategies to build campaigns that get results. It also functions internally, where we leverage tools that help us build a better and more equitable culture. In this post, we’re sharing a few of the ways we report and measure our impact and values in the workplace.

B Corp

The key way we report on our impact on the world, our community, and our employees is through our B Corp assessment. The B Corp assessment is different for all businesses, but for a service-based industry like digital marketing, most of our points revolve around our customers and employees. We can also gain points through environmental initiatives, community involvement, and governance.


Our company culture is a crucial part of how Mad Fish Digital provides great experiences. We focus on ensuring that we are providing a culture where all can thrive, whether it’s through perks and benefits, work-life balance, or internal process optimization to bring our team into alignment.

Vendor Assessments

We assess our vendors using the B Corp criteria. Additionally, we use elements we’ve adopted from our internal company values. These include things such as: owned by underrepresented groups, local to the Portland area, B Corp status, and EO membership. We then choose vendors for ongoing services and events that align with our values and connect us with our community.


As a team, we use Toggl to track our pro-bono and volunteer time. This method means we can hone down to the details of how and when our team has spent their volunteer time. It also means we know how many hours we’re putting towards our pro-bono projects. Since we separate our entries by activity and client, we are also able to assess and move the needle in terms of understanding which areas of our community we’re serving.  

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

When our employees are happy, our clients are happy. Through NPS and surveys, we’re able to assess how our clients feel about our work. We can also learn where we can grow. We understand the importance of accountability. With this measurement system, we’ve been able to identify our strengths and weaknesses for future projects.

Salary Calculator

Mad Fish Digital salary pay calculationTo ensure our team has pay equity, Mad Fish Digital uses a salary calculator for all team members. Our calculation at a high-level is (role rate x experience) x loyalty. Our goal is to set expectations appropriately for all individuals who join the team. This also ensures there are no “gotcha” moments if employees share salary details with each other. It also empowers our team to see and take initiative when they are looking to increase their salary.  

Diversity Reporting

Each year, we put together a report that audits the diversity of our team. It is collected anonymously and is optional. This way, those completing it can decide whether they want to participate. We report on veteran status, pronouns, sexual orientation, gender, race, heritage, and economic background, just to name a few categories. You can read our full diversity report from 2018 here.

As we grow, Mad Fish Digital expects there will be more opportunities for growth and learning. We’re excited to continue on our path to provide elevated experiences for our employees, clients, and customers. Questions or comments around our reporting initiatives? Reach out to us via email, or shoot us a comment or message on Instagram.