30-12-08This is the last part of the series and I want to share with you some amazing tips to convert website visitors into customers and customers into long-term clients.
Why Should I Believe You?
Your visitors don’t know you. Give them a good reason to believe you. The most common way of doing this is with testimonials. They are great because your customers’ word, unlike yours, is unbiased. If you can, get video testimonials. Audio testimonials work great too. If you have written testimonials at least include a photo of your customer and the city they live in, website, and any other relevant information. Testimonials signed by “John M.” are not very credible.
Case studies are awesome. I love them. We are an Internet Marketing agency and our strongest selling argument is case studies showing how we’ve helped dozens of companies make thousands of dollars online. Nothing is more powerful than a case study.
Other great options are photos or videos of people using your products. You can also use reports or surveys done by third parties to help you get your point across.
Empathize With Your Audience
People need to see that you understand their problem. Show them that you know how they feel. Show them that you are talking to them. Get the problem out there, appeal to their feelings, and then suggest a way to alleviate their pain. Remember that people buy on emotions and they justify the purchase with logic.

Don’t Be Everything for Everybody

Find your niche and dominate it. Don’t just take any customer that is willing to give you her money. Remember that people want what they can’t have. That’s why when women and men play hard-to-get they become still more desirable.
This is a funny story. A couple of months ago we were getting more clients then we could handle. We decided to stop taking clients that didn’t match our Ideal Client profile. So we posted this profile on our website and asked the visitors to read it and fill out an application if they fit the profile. We would then review the application and decide whether or not we would be a good match. The whole point was to keep just a few clients so we could give them personalized attention. Guess what happened? We started getting more applications than ever. The fact that we would hand-pick our clients made our service even more desirable.
Call to Action
I am surprised by the number of websites that don’t ask for the sale on each page. People won’t do anything unless you ask them to. Whatever your call to action is, make sure that it is on every single page. It should be the focal point. Some calls to action might be: Add to Shopping Bag, Checkout Now, Buy Now, Fill Out the Form for a FREE Consultation, etc. Whatever you want your visitors to do, ask them!
Use Conversational Style
I always wonder why some companies try to make simple things complicated. You want to impress your visitors with your product, your offer, and your prices, not with fancy, meaningless words. Instead of saying “Our objective is to increase the profitability level of web-based businesses” say “We Help Companies Make Money Online”. In fact, that is our tag line.
The Golden Rule of Copywriting
I left this one for last because I want it to stick in your head. There is one thing that you need to accomplish to make the sale: show your visitors why they will be better off with your product than without it. That’s it. People want to live a better life. If your product can help them do that and you can prove it, you will make the sale.
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