You make donuts. You’re really good at making donuts.

In fact, your company has been making donuts for decades. Your blog is rich with donut-related topics, like how archaeologists have found fossilized donut-like items in prehistoric Native American settlements.

You’re a purist.

Though you know the definition of a donut is technically “a small usually ring-shaped piece of sweet fried dough,” you still think a real donut has a hole. You do sell apple fritters, but begrudgingly. This is certainly your right to do so.

So, why does your digital marketing agency want you to write a blog about wedding cakes? You don’t, nor will you ever, make a wedding cake. In fact, in the decades your company has been around, it has never even considered making a wedding cake.

The simplest explanation: using ancillary keywords helps boost SEO.

After all, you’re an expert in your field. You’re in the know about dough, and baking, and best practices, and you’re a proud member of both the The Sugar Association and American Bakers Association. Why not take the opportunity to share your knowledge about your industry, regardless of whether you make cakes or not?

Share your expertise, the latest news, fun facts, and more with your blog readers. Knowing which keywords your competitors are using and using them to attract users who may not have thought to use your exact service keywords can help you get noticed. Use content as a way to increase your reach and sweeten your SEO.

Why should your company’s blog not always be about your company?

The diversification of industry-related content topics will keep your web visitors coming back for more, and by using ancillary keywords you’ll cast a wider net. 

If every post was about your products and services, the blog could be a snooze-fest (no offense). Sure, your customers want to know about your donut-of-the month, your specials, and the latest donut-related award you’ve won.

However, readers crave relevant and valuable insight that speaks to them – and their needs. For example, it’s wedding season; what’s trending in the industry? says bright floral prints on fondant are the rage in 2018. says metallic cakes are bringing back the glamour.

But what about 2019? This is a great opportunity for you to share the trends – and your thoughts. Wedded Wonderland is showcasing cakes in geometrical shapes, covered in black fondant, and even some that look like complete messes (think dripping frosting). You know you have an opinion about this!

Your company’s blog can be a resource, share insider industry information and data, as well as express your unique perspective on hot topics. Think out of the (cake) box when it comes to content!

When content is relevant and engaging:

  • Readers return to your site for the latest news
  • They spend longer time on page
  • They view more pages of your website
  • They share links with friends and family
  • You have more indexed website pages

And this is the short list of benefits! We invite you to learn more about what makes great SEO content.

Never forget The Optimist’s Creed from 1929:

As you ramble through Life, Brother,

Whatever be your goal.

Keep your eye upon the doughnut,

And not upon the hole.