We have the benefit of speaking with prospective clients in all sorts of industries every week. Our first conversation with anyone who reaches out to us is always centered around current KPIs and overall goals. During these exchanges, we often find that there are large gaps between a brand’s marketing efforts and the backend systems set up to measure the revenue, sales, costs, and client retention.

Real data is the honesty meter.

Without good measuring to track performance, honest assessments of what is working and what is missing the mark are near impossible. Data helps put real, honest numbers at the forefront. 

It’s our role to bridge the gap between marketing efforts and business-level data analysis. This involves things like custom integrations, campaign planning, and URL tracking parameters.  The implementation of these integrations is not only important but takes a high-level of skill and understanding to make sure they provide the most useful and honest data sets possible. 

Without such integrations, a brand is stuck making marketing decisions based on leading indicators such as clicks, reach, impressions, user sessions, pageviews, click-through rate, and cost per click. While these indicators help inform day-to-day decisions by strategy managers and specialists, they do not always paint an honest picture of which campaigns are making a true impact for the brand, which content is resonating with an audience or where funds should be re-allocated for improved performance.

Good measuring and integrations make all the difference in executing an exceptional digital strategy.