While ecommerce has been growing steadily for over ten years, we wanted to share some insights as to how things are changing. With the coronavirus pandemic and many shifting their businesses to be entirely online, we broke down how consumers are thinking about spending online. A few key takeaways? 

Ecommerce is growing. 

With more folks online and the inconvenience of going to stores, you’ll want to ensure your products are available for perusing and purchase online. Take the time to set up ecommerce options for your most frequently purchased products. Instagram and Facebook shops are a great starting point, along with Google Shopping Feeds.

Online shopping is here for good.

While we may all wish the pandemic will be over soon, the impact of this event will go far beyond when it’s safe for us to resume our normal lives. Think about how to scale ecommerce for your business. VR, customer experience, and augmented reality may all help you convert customers when they aren’t going into traditional retail environments.

Digital consumer needs are changing.

Harnessing digital marketing to build better experiences for customers can help your bottom line, even amidst challenging times. You can use customer surveys to understand more about what your customers are looking for at this time. Use user interface and user experience testing to see how their journeys may look different, and adjust for the new normal.

Learn more about what’s happening in the industry, and how your ecommerce business can harness it in our report on ecommerce marketing trends or downloadable the report here