A company specializing in online corporate compliance training came to Mad Fish Digital in April 2015 seeking help with the restructuring of their Google AdWords account. Although the account had been running for quite some time, the client wasn’t receiving the number of leads expected for the amount of money being spent each month. Upon setting a target cost per acquisition (CPA) and defining target audiences, Mad Fish Digital began an entire revamp of the account.


Mad Fish Digital worked with the client to set goals and expectations for the account that would directly impact the quantity of leads being fielded by their sales team and the cost at which those leads would be acquired.

  • Ensure ad coverage for all training offerings
  • Raise bids and optimize structure to increase impression share
  • Segment campaigns and ad groups based on training offerings and targeting criteria
  • Reduce overall CPA


Mad Fish Digital began restructuring the client’s entire Google AdWords account by following this outlined approach to paid search. Mad Fish Digital started by doing cleanup to the existing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad copy in order to achieve some immediate gains. This included strategic segmentation of the campaigns, the pausing of duplicate keywords, and implementation of bid increases for keywords in low average positions. Following this, a full rebuild ensued. During the rebuild, campaigns were segmented based on services and geo-targets. Furthermore, exact-match campaigns were kept separate from phrase– and broad-match-modifier campaigns to ensure an optimal level of control over budgets, ad copy, and performance. Within each campaign, ad groups were segmented extremely granularly, typically resulting in 1-3 keywords per ad group. This allowed for the rolling out of highly targeted ad copy.


Non-Branded AdWords Leads Increased by 700% in 48 Days (at 63% Lower CPA) Initial improvements were almost immediate. By pausing duplicate keywords and increasing bids, relevancy and impression share improved almost instantly. After full implementation of the strategy outlined above, performance improved drastically.