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Should I Be Trying New Social Media Platforms When They Come Out?

With new social media platforms constantly coming on the scene there is a certain amount of pressure to “keep up.” The desire to ensure your business is cutting edge and utilizing all social media sites for digital marketing can be
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This is How Social Media Actually Impacts SEO

Whether you’re at the beginning of launching your social and SEO campaigns or have been running one or the other with subpar results, understanding how social and SEO marketing campaigns inform and benefit each other is crucial for success.
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Deep Dive: The Evolution of Social Media in 2016

2016 has been quite the year for social media. With the United States election, Brexit, and a more global online community it has become an even more important tool for individuals and companies to disseminate their messages, brands, and views.
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Facebook Ads? 4 Things You Need to Know

Are you wondering if your Facebook ads are getting face-time? Are you concerned they are not adding any value to your marketing strategy?  If so, you’re not alone.
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Marketing to Millennials? Meh. The Future is Gen Z.

The millennial generation has been at the forefront of news, be it in regards to their home buying trends, travel preferences, and even their choices in blue jeans. People have always purchased homes, traveled, and spent cash on jeans (well,
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3 Tips for Retargeting Content with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

In November Facebook announced to the world that in 2015, the free ride was over. ‘Overly promoted posts’ would see less organic distribution over time, indicating that paid is the new (and only) way to play. Should this worry you?
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You-Who? Optimizing YouTube Videos to Avoid Getting Lost in the Shuffle

YouTube is an excellent social media outlet to showcase your business’ video content, however, it’s also an excellent place to see about a 1,000 videos of cats running away from vacuum cleaners. How do you stand out and avoid getting
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Feeling Antisocial About Social Media? You’re Not Alone.

You own a business, you’re an expert in your field and your clients and coworkers are telling you to leverage your brand on social media. Maybe you’re already using social media sporadically, but you have a tough time seeing the
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Linkedin Company Pages

3 Things You Need to Know When Building A LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has been around for over 10 years and boasts a reputation for having over 277 million users in 200 countries, with 66% of members living in the United States.
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Twitter for Business

A client recently asked how much effort should really be put into Twitter. Their understanding was that it was just a platform for voyeurism at its finest, where kids and adults can share intimate or inane details to people who
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