In August 2012, Mad Fish began consulting with a California-based private security firm. The company provides a wide variety of elite security services across the United States for high-end clients. It also has a large recruitment department continually seeking highly qualified candidates interested in a long-term security career.

When Mad Fish first began working with this company, the keyword searches providing the most traffic to their website were predominately brand related. Although this brought a fair amount of traffic to the website, they needed to increase the search engine rankings for non-branded keywords in order to expand their customer base and increase potential job candidates.


Mad Fish set out with the following goals for the campaign: Increase the number of candidates applying for a job with the company by

  • Increasing non-branded keyword search engine rankings
  • Improving conversion opportunities on the site with updated navigation and content
  • Increase overall online brand saturation as a national private security firm


Mad Fish conducted an on-page website audit and usability analysis at the start of the engagement. Based on the usability analysis, we made strategic changes to the career sector of the website. This provided greater ease for potential candidates to learn about the company and navigate to the application area. Mad Fish also suggested and helped facilitate website changes to promote specific services.

The following fourteen months were spent increasing quality citations to the site, improving company citations throughout the web and providing monthly content strategies.


Non-Branded Organic Search Traffic Increases by 28.69%

In the first year of service, organic traffic to the client’s website increased by 28.69% with a 16.15% increase in users.

Non-Branded Keyword Search Engine Rankings Increase

When we began working with this client, two of their non-branded keywords were ranking on the first page of Google search results. After just 6 months of content marketing with Mad Fish, this number increased 450%.

Increase interest to the Job Application Page

The client’s site also had a 29.88% increase in visitor pageviews of the job application page.