Nervous about writing blog contentAt Digital Aptitude, we believe content is king. When it comes to fresh content, Google is as in love as a pack of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Equally important, visitors to your site love content.
The problem is that, at least with most everyone I talk to, people hate writing content for their blogs. If you are in the same boat, then take a look at the following points to simplify your blog posting so that you will be more likely to get that valuable content out of your head and on to your blog where it belongs.

  • Write some shorts posts. Blog content doesn’t have to be long and it takes less work to produce. If I explained much more here, it would become ironic.
  • You can write about more than you think you should. Your content doesn’t have to directly relate to your business. While we are a digital marketing agency, some of our most popular posts pertain to entrepreneurship, time management, interesting resources or a number of other topics unrelated to our core services. If people know the content you will be providing for them is relevant to them somehow they don’t care if it’s not the focus of your business.
  • Don’t be afraid to write about what you know best. Many people won’t give away their best information, but it’s some of the easiest topics to write about. We share everything we do for our clients on our blog. People read what we do, see there’s a great amount of detail that goes into the work and they know we are good at what we do once they read about our process. The fact that we’re willing to share our “trade secrets” with the world gives us a great deal of credibility with potential clients.
  • Write a lot of content at once. Your readers don’t know if you write all of your content at one time or not. Keep a list of ideas you come up with and then set aside blocks of time to write. You could write a month of content all at once and schedule it to go ahead of time.
  • Share the workload. In our agency, all of us are responsible for blog posts each month. We also make sure several sets of eyes read each post before it goes live. If we had one person responsible for 8 to 10 blog posts a month I think we would struggle to get it done. Working alone? Find other bloggers to share content with.
  • When people read your content it motivates you to write more. Add social share buttons on your individual blog posts and make sure you are doing a great job of collecting email addresses on the homepage of your website. Send short email notifications, just like the ones we send out, letting people know there’s new content for them to see.

Most of us are never going to love writing blog posts. It is important though. Hopefully, with these six tips blog content will be easier for you to produce. What tips would you add to the list to help other people produce more content?