fsimageresize1aspxWord of mouth marketing (WOM) gives people a reason to talk about your products and services. If you want to create a BUZZ, word of mouth marketing is the best way to promote your business.
WOM is the act of building strong consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-marketer communications. WOM also makes people want to talk about your company – you empower people and give them a voice. What better way to brand your business than to have others do the work and “spread the word”?
Basic Elements – Word of Mouth Marketing
wordofmouthEducates customers about products and services

Gives away freebies and prizes to customers

Transfers communicate message effortlessly between people and uses other’s resources and websites

Integrates common human behavior and motivations (i.e. the need to be popular, loved, happy, etc)
Don’t use WOM to fake out your customers – people aren’t fools and they deserve respect. Remember to treat them with integrity and INTELLIGENCE! Artificial WOM will only come back to haunt you and your reputation – stay away from deceptive and manipulative tactics!
Blog Viral Marketing – Explode Your Message to Millions
Blog viral marketing uses the same elements associated with WOM. Viral marketing is a promotional strategy that encourages people to pass along marketing strategies to others. Like a computer virus, “viral” marketing EXPLODES messages to millions of people across the world.
When it comes to viral marketing, it’s like a tiny pebble thrown in the water that causes a widespread ripple effect. You only need to make a small effort in order to see BIG results!
Benefits of Blog Viral Marketing
FREE – You don’t incur promotional costs – use other people’s FREE online resources and sites!

REACHES HUGE audience – People contact others for you and then they contact more people – experience “chain results” and watch your traffic and revenue increase!

BUILDS Reputation and Credibility – Since people are spreading the word about your blog, your company will gain credibility and earn a great online rep!
WordPress Tell a Friend Plugin – Spread the Word Quickly!
The most powerful tool used in viral marketing is the WordPress Tell a Friend plug in.
Tell a Friend is a FREE plugin added to blogs that allows users to pass along sites to other people.
wordpress• Place “Tell a Friend” button on your blog and when blog visitors want to spread the word, they simply click the button and an email form pops up.

• Visitors fill out the email forms and send out emails to their friends telling them about your blog – it’s that EASY!
Tell a Friend supports major free email providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc). Log into your account and it pulls your address book instantly! Instead of sending out ONE email at a time, you can email hundreds of your contacts at a time. HUGE exposure to your blog!
Additional Perks:
• You can add plugin to sidebar text, end of blog posts and/or your home page.

• When visitors click on widget button and email screen pops up, it doesn’t re-direct away from your blog.

• Tell a Friend scripts can also be used on e-commerce sites and to promote e-books.