After working from my home office for years, a few months ago I decided to rent an office. It didn’t last long. I just couldn’t get used to it. So, I decided to write a blog post on the main benefits of working from home.
It Saves You Time
Two words: no commute! You can spend more time with your family, reading your favorite books or getting work done.

It Saves You Money
You don’t need to rent office space, your gas bill will be much lower and your lunches at home will be much cheaper.

It Helps the Environment
No commute means less traffic and pollution.

You Can Rest When You’re Tired
When I’m tired, I take a power nap. I’m not lazy at all. I work harder than anyone I know. But, when I’m tired, I need to rest. And I don’t know about you, but taking my naps in my bed feels a lot better than taking them on a hard desk.

It’s Better for Your Health
When you eat at home, you eat better food. Plus, having a shower a few feet away from your desk means that you can work out in the middle of the day, shower and get back to work.

Fewer Interruptions
When I need to get something done, I turn my phone, email alerts and Skype off. I don’t need to worry about someone walking into my office.

Tax Benefits
You can turn your house expenses into tax deductions!