These are six of my favorite social media and SEO tools. I hope you like them!

Vizify is great for personal branding; it allows you to create a really nice-looking profile that you can use to get more clients or land your dream job.

AHRefs is my favorite tool for monitoring new links acquired. With the release of Google’s Penguin Update, number of links is not as important as it was before. In fact, a website with few quality links will almost always outrank a site with thousands of low-quality links. That being said, it’s cool to keep track of who’s linking to you.

If your website gets hacked (ours got hacked twice in the last 10 years), these guys will fix it for you and patch all the security holes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This tool is also great for preventing future attacks.

Newsle connects with your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and creates a newspaper with relevant news from people in your network. This tool is awesome because it allows you to see what your connections are up to.

This is a great tool to create infographics. And it’s free.

If you’re thinking about developing interactive infographics, Infogram rocks!
What are some of your favorite SEO and social media tools?