Don’t let a great company review go unnoticed. A glowing review from a happy customer is a fantastic tool to foster team enthusiasm and drive the growth of your business. When you get five stars from a customer on your Google Business profile page or a random thank you from a vendor via Facebook, those powerful endorsements not only help inform potential new clients they also cultivate a happy work culture.

We’ve put together these five tips to maximize the potential of your reviews (or download the guide):

1. Share Them with Your Staff

Employees want to work for companies that are proving to be good. By hearing positive affirmations, team members get to share in the success of their colleagues and the achievements of the company as a whole.

Sharing positive reviews company-wide can be as formal or informal as your culture dictates. At Mad Fish, we start weekly staff meetings by sharing client positives or ‘wins’ with the team. We also share customer feedback via our internal messaging platform. Your company may want to print out positive reviews and post them to your breakroom fridge or incorporate them into your company’s newsletters.

The benefits of knowing your work is meeting the needs of customers extend to everyone on the team. Make sure they get to hear it!

2. Turn Positive Reviews into Something More

Leveraging positive reviews is a key strategy for maximizing your business potential. It’s great when people leave a high-quality review because you immediately have a resource for building a content campaign around their experience. Case studies and video testimonials are great lead generating tools that can be built around a good review. Consider what other potential customers may find valuable about that person’s experience and build a marketing asset around it.

3. Good Reviews = Good Web Content

Company websites often times have a dedicated testimonials page where glowing customer feedback can be easily found and read. This standard is great but there is so much more that can be done with one of your well-deserved reviews.

Leverage a positive review on pages to which you are looking to improve conversion rates. Request a quote or contact form pages are a great place to include a testimonial. The added assurance that others have found their engagement with your company positive makes filling out those forms easier. If a client references a specific service or product, find a way to add the quote to a corresponding page on your site. Customer reviews about your staff or customer service are great additions to a careers page.

Potential talent who read positive testimonials when applying for a job, may be encouraged by the potential work environment and know the standard for which you are looking to hire. Diversify your testimonials and get creative with their placements.

4. Leverage in Lead Nurturing campaigns

A good review from a reputable client can speak volumes about the quality of work your company provides. Incorporating a customer testimonial, or corresponding case study that may come out of one, into a Top-of-Mind or Industry Expertise nurture campaign can be a powerful way to cultivate potential customers as they make their way through a lead cycle.

5. Remember to Give Thanks

If someone takes the time out of their day to say something kind about your business- thank them! We like to send hand-written thank you cards to clients that have shared their Mad Fish experience online. Even something as simple as responding to the review via the website or social channel where it was posted shows not only the customer but also your followers that you genuinely appreciate the gesture. Don’t be afraid to send a small token of your appreciation to those who have aided in the growth of your company. It’s really not that small at all.