Tactic #1: Find Out Who’s Talking About You and Your Product and Engage in the Conversation

  1. Set up BuzzStream with your name and keywords (e.g. “back pain”, “natural healing”, etc.)
  2. You’ll get alerts every time someone talks about you or the stuff you offer.
  3. Go there and engage in the conversation.

This tactic rocks! You find people who need what you have and help them. That’s what Social Media Marketing is all about.
BuzzStream is a paid tool ($49/month). If you want a free alternative, use Google Alerts, but you won’t get the same great results.
Tactic #2: Share Someone Else’s Content
Most people freak out over Social Media Marketing because they don’t have the time to write 100 articles and shoot 100 videos. It’s OK. Be a “resource sharer”. Those resources don’t need to be yours. If you come across videos and articles that your audience might find useful, share that stuff with them.

Tactic #3: Schedule Your Posts
Facebook and Twitter use timelines. The rest of the networks are moving to that kind of layout too. In case you don’t know what a timeline is, this is the short definition: a list of posts from the members of your network displayed in chronological order (from newer posts to older ones).

If you tweet 10 times between 2pm and 3pm, someone who follows a lot of people might not see your tweets if he checks his Twitter profile at 5pm, because many of his friends will post stuff after you, moving your posts down.
This is what you can do to prevent this from happening: schedule your posts. If you have 50 resources you want to share, schedule them to get posted every hour or two. HootSuite.com allows you to do this.
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