Post-pandemic? Post-third party cookies? TikTok videos? With 2021 off to a roaring start, we asked our team to share their predictions on what marketers and brands will need to stay ahead in the new year. From design to paid media to content and social media, they came with ideas and tips. Check it out.

Staying Relevant Will Be a Full-Time Job

The digital landscape and consumers are changing faster than ever before. Content creation, advertising campaigns, and creative direction will all need to be constantly updated. With consumers increasingly expecting highly personalized information, while being wary about their privacy, marketers will need to spend more time living in their customer’s shoes. Whether it’s understanding the TikTok algorithm, social purchasing, or experiential virtual marketing, brands will need to invest in staying ahead of the curve. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t stress. We’ve put together an article with a step-by-step guide to staying ahead on your content strategy without stressing out.

Social Commerce is the New Mall

The pandemic has driven increases in ecommerce activity across the globe, and the impact is expected to last. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest are all investing in social commerce. Live shopping events, tailored feeds, or one-click purchasing within the apps are all fair game to grow in 2021. Leaning into using social media not just for brand awareness and discovery, but for bottom-of-the-funnel purchases too is the future. Building a scalable strategy is key. Look into how to use your owned, earned, and influencer marketing channels across the social internet to better serve your audience and drive product sales.

Tracking & Compliance

First, there was GDPR. Then came CCPA. Now, the iOS 14 update. Privacy protections are cracking down around the world as we deal with an increasingly digital way of life. With commerce, connections, and careers moving online, third party verification for data and compliance will become essential. In 2021, tracking will mean equipping yourself with the right compliant tools and first party data rather than relying on Facebook Pixel and the like. We’re already seeing this begin with the Oracle release of Reddit ad tracking and Privacy Sandbox. For digital marketers, clever campaigns and a focus on audience and behavioral insights and targeting will be key. As with content, creative personalization tied with innovative digital storytelling will be crucial for success in the year to come.

The Rise of User Experience

Brands who have focused on user experience and user interfaces have seen the benefits. With Google adding UX as part of their ranking considerations, brands will need to adapt or suffer the rankings consequences. Take the time to optimize your website for 2021 and listen to consumer needs. With search engine optimization, accessibility, and UX/UI merging, there’s no time to waste. 

Equity and Justice Will Stay Center Stage

An emphasis on social impact, specifically diversity and inclusion, will continue to grow. Beyond the social media feeds we saw in the summer of 2020, we expect to see brands and businesses held accountable. Promises will need to turn into practices and action. This could be through policy, products, or press, but we expect to see a reckoning with consumers and employees throughout the year. Finally, with Gen Z entering the workforce, it will become critical to speak to the growing portion of the population who wants a better world — for everyone.

Want Some Help in 2021?

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