Do you want more fans for your Facebook page? Here you have 7 ways to get tons of fans.
Invite Your Friends to Become Fans
This is really easy and it’s the first thing you should do. Click on the “Suggest to Friends” link and invite the people you think would be interested to become your fan. Once you have 25 fans, you can claim your URL-friendly page, like
Embed the Facebook Page Widget on Your Site
Facebook has plenty of widgets you can put on your site to invite people to become your fan. Check out this link.
Invite Your Subscribers
Email all of your subscribers and invite them to become fans. Give them a good reason to do so, like exclusive deals to Facebook fans or a contest they don’t want to miss.
Do Viral Contests
Ask your fans to post something to your wall. It could be a video, picture or a comment. Whoever gets the most likes wins, so encourage the contestants to invite their friends to vote for them. They need to click on the Share link and send it to all their friends. For their friends to vote for them, they need to become fans first. If you get 20 people to participate in the contest, and each of them has 20 friends to vote for them, you’ll automatically get 400 new fans.
Some ideas for contests: drink a whole bottle of our soda in less than 10 seconds (and videotape it), post a picture of your Halloween costume or post a comment explaining why your company should get a free website. The crazier you go, the better. People love sharing things out of the ordinary.
WildFire App is an awesome tool to create contests.
Include Your Facebook Page Link Everywhere
You should have a link to your Facebook page in your email signature, business cards, at your store and in your brochures.
Use a Reveal Tab
Facebook pages allow you to show one tab to fans and a different one to non-fans. This allows you to show non-fans a special message to persuade them to join. Show them what they get for becoming fans. It has to be something of high value. 1-800-FLOWERS invites you to like their page to get exclusive deals and Weekly World News has exclusive content for their fans.

This article explains how to create a reveal page.
Use Facebook Comments on Your Site
The beauty of using the Facebook widget to allow people to post comments to your pages and blog posts is that these comments will go to their Facebook profiles as well, which all their friends can see, and will give your business a lot of free exposure.
This is what a Facebook Comments box looks like:

This tool will do all the work for you: Facebook Comments Code Generator. There’s also a WordPress plugin.
Get Fans to Tag their Photos
If you organize events and take photos, tag the people in the photos, or, better yet, get them to tag themselves. This will make the photos show on their walls, so all their friends can see them.
Embed Facebook Videos
You’re probably familiar with embedding YouTube videos on your site. Did you know you can do the same thing with Facebook?
Use Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are great if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t, they’ll make you waste a lot of money. This is the approach I recommend:

  1. Write a question-based ad, like “Do You Like Popcorn?” Keep it as short as possible.
  2. Target your fans’ friends. For example, if Rachel is your fan and Mark is friends with Rachel, Mark will see this message: “Do You Like Popcorn? Rachel likes this.” This is great social proof. When our friends like something, we tend to like that, too. The more fans you have, the more people you’ll target and the faster your fan base will grow.

Invite Your Friends to Become Fans of Your Page by SMS (Text Message)
All they need to do is send a text message to 32665 with the words “like YourUserName”.
And finally, don’t forget to keep your page alive. Fill out your profile, post content regularly, interact with your fans and ask questions. Fans like coming back to pages where they see a lot of positive activity.