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“The site evaluation that MadFish provided us was eye-opening and exactly what we needed to fine-tune our site. As the sole developer of a large family of sites, it is a necessity to have this type of outside perspective and expertise.” Brian Bates, Web Communications Manager
Nearly every engagement with Mad Fish starts with a Site Evaluation. Our evaluations provide a snapshot of where your past marketing efforts have been successful, where your site is behind and sets a benchmark for future strategies. Our web analysis team reviews and compiles information on the following:
  • Competitor Metrics
  • Online Advertising
  • Brand Authority
  • Site Mechanics
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion Path
  • SEO
The results of the audit inform our website, marketing and advertising recommendations. Why do we start here? Mad Fish doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to online marketing strategies. Each industry has its own set of online challenges and each company comes to us with different needs and goals. Our site evaluations ensure that we have brought these nuances to the surface and address them in any strategy we provide. Our evaluations are more than charts pulled from online analytics tools. Each report includes an expert’s analysis of what the data means and actionable recommendations for next steps. Once the evaluation is complete, our team will walk you through what we’ve uncovered. In addition to the report, you will also be provided with a comprehensive strategy based on the evaluation, a timeline for services and pricing. We have team ready to implement any and all changes should you decide to move forward.