Why We Do It

A quality digital strategy is the cornerstone of any successful online marketing campaign. Often times a business has the right team and needs only a good strategy to execute on.

At Mad Fish, we develop comprehensive strategies for small, mid-size, and enterprise level businesses. For every online strategy we create, we identify the objectives, educate you and your team around each tactic, establish metrics, set goals,  measure results, and facilitate check-ins frequently to discuss results and opportunities.

How We Do It

We get to know what your goals are, your ideal audience, and where they are online. Using a combination of research, analytics, and testing we develop a personalized, multi-faceted strategy with elements that will help bring your brand to life. A Mad Fish team member will work directly with the business stake holders to understand, develop, and document the objectives required to reach a desired set of goals.

How We Use It

Identifying the correct elements of a campaign to measure is important for benchmarking goal status, value and progress.  Having clear, easy to understand metrics that track goal value and completion is a key factor in achieving success online. At Mad Fish we’ve developed proprietary technology for goal metric measurement and value tracking.  We not only identify the goals, but also provide actionable customized dashboards for stake holders to monitor, track, and understand goal progress and the value of completion.

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