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Already have top search rankings? Worried that your programmers might make changes that unknowingly drop your rankings? At Mad Fish, we understand that staying on top of website changes is imperative. As the internet evolves, so do websites.  It’s through this continuous evolution that errors and programming bugs can be accidentally introduced.  Often times, these issues are not caught until after a website drops in rankings.  And many times, it’s already too late. When it comes to proactive website monitoring, Mad Fish has a solution to proactively catch website issues before they harm your website’s rankings. Our solution monitors multiple areas of your website to ensure that fatal issues are caught and fixed well before there’s a problem. We monitor DNS changes, server changes, URL status codes and overall source changes, as well as changes to title tags, meta tags, rel canonicals, rel author/publisher tags, and other important header tags. This allows us to make sure we alert our clients well before any changes in rankings occur.