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Customer or client perception is everything for online businesses.  *85% of consumers today, are reading online reviews of a businesses prior to making their purchasing decisions.  **72% of those consumers consider those reviews to be as trustworthy as if they came directly from a personal recommendation. While positive reviews are great, negative reviews can not only cost a business money, but also future customers. What are customers saying about your business online? At Mad Fish, we’ve developed proprietary technology to not only find your company’s business reviews from across the net, but also proactively alert your team as new reviews appear.  Mad Fish integrates with multiple review sites so that alerts can be emailed, or directly sent to your Ipad. Our solution allows you to manage multiple store locations, and evaluate individual and overall company grades from sites such as CitySearch, Google+, Yelp, and more. Review-Tracking-2 We provide each business with a customized actionable dashboard, as well in-depth reports available through our website portal, the web, and/or personal iPads. By quickly responding to a negative review, a business can convert an unhappy customer into a loyal brand evangelist. Just because someone is angry, doesn’t mean they’re not a good customer. Our dashboards allow businesses to quickly address and pinpoint problems, and respond to negative reviews, before those reviews negatively impact a business. Review-Tracking * Statistic from **Statistic from