Portland Women in Tech, more broadly known as PDXWIT, is an inspiring women-led organization created to empower through community, mentorship, and advocacy. This amazing community was looking to build their social media engagement through multiple channels. While they had an engaged community in person and at events, transferring that social engagement to all their social media channels posed a challenge. We were excited to step in and help them create and execute that strategy.

Instagram Made Waves

pdxwit instagram page on iphone
instagram mockup
pdxwit instagram page on iphone
881% increase infollowers
2,500% increase in media reach
143% increase in social mediaengagement
400% increase in CTR


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pride parade instagram post
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Our Approach

Mad Fish Digital started with an in-depth research and discovery phase to build audience personas, a brand palette, and clear social strategies to harness the power of our target social platforms. Our creative teams crafted playbooks to assist the PDXWIT volunteer team in understanding and using each platform, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn according to PDXWIT brand guidelines. We then used these insights to help build straightforward social strategies that would hit the goals of the PDXWIT team.

Services Implemented

  • Content and Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Playbook
  • Copywriting and community management
  • Creative strategy and design
  • Social Content + Design Calendar
  • Customized Social Media Reports
  • Weekly Reporting and Analysis
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The Solution

Mad Fish Digital launched PDXWIT’s Instagram from scratch. We also handled community management duties for LinkedIn and Twitter. Through our efforts and the efforts of the PDXWIT team, we built an engaged audience across all three social networks. By leveraging industry knowledge and the PDXWIT community, brand awareness and affinity within the Portland community and beyond grew on each platform.

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