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What is SEO?
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”  It is the process of getting your website found and visited through the organic or unpaid search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
What is SEM?
SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing.” It is the process of getting your website found and visited through the paid search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This marketing strategy utilizes search engine platforms like Google’s adwords and Bing ads to drive traffic. Facebook and twitter also have similar paid advertising platforms.
What is branded / non-branded search traffic?
When we talk about search traffic that generates visits to a website, we often use the terms branded and non-branded to describe the type of visit. Branded refers to a visit generated by someone typing in your brand or URL into a search engine search i.e. “Mad Fish Digital” or “www.madfishdigital.com.” Non-Branded refers to any descriptive keyword term typed into a search engine that generates a visit to the site. i.e. “portland seo firm” or “help with audience marketing.”
How will I know whether the SEO/SEM work Mad Fish SEO is doing is successful?
Mad Fish SEO client managers meet with their clients every 30 days to review monthly reports on traffic, conversions, engagement and keyword rankings.  These meetings provide our clients with regular opportunities to ask us questions about the search landscape and what strategies we see are working. It also gives us time to ask clients about the leads they are receiving and how those can be improved upon. We track all of our client data in our custom reporting platform, www.MadFishElements.com
What services do you provide?
Mad Fish provides digital marketing services aimed at driving traffic, generating leads, and getting brands noticed. With services ranging from content marketing to technical search engine optimization, Mad Fish gets your website found in the yellow pages of the 21st century!™ Learn More.

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