nullMillions and millions of people visit YouTube every month. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube have more views than Oprah’s show.
If you are not promoting your business on YouTube yet, what are you waiting for?

I am about to reveal some of the coolest techniques to promote a video on YouTube. We’ve used them with clients from all over the world and most of them have seen thousands of new visitors as a result of these powerful tactics.
Anyway, here is the list:
Copy the Top Performers
Look for the three videos with more views in your category and get ideas from them. Copy their video title, tags, and descriptions. Don’t copy anything verbatim, change things up a little.
Create Your Own Channel
Create a channel and customize to feature your best videos. This alone will drastically boost your views.
Use the Bulletin Board
This is a great feature that lets you start a conversation around your own videos. But don’t limit yourself to your own bulletin boards; use others’ too.
Add Friends
People often forget that YouTube is a social network. Add friends to your list and engage with them.
Use Video Responses
Search for popular videos related to yours and post your video as a response to them. Leverage the views that other videos get.
Create Something Worth Spreading the Word About
If your video is boring, all these tactics won’t do much for you. The videos that work best on YouTube are either hilarious, controversial, unique, or very useful.
Complete Your Profile
YouTube allows you to fill out your profile; do it. And by all means include a link to your website here.
Link the Videos to Your Profile
You can link your videos to any page within YouTube. Set it up so when people click on your video they go to your profile. And from your profile they can click on the link to your website.
Create Playlists
Create a playlist of related videos. Include a lot of popular ones on a certain topic and, of course, your own video.
Join Some Groups and Start Your Own
Join some groups and post both text and video comments. You can also start your own group.
Encourage Viewers to Subscribe
End each video asking viewers to subscribe. Many people don’t know they can subscribe or they will forget unless you remind them to.
These are some of the techniques that we have used for our best clients. Most of them got over 500,000 views in less than one year. How would you like to get your business in front of half a million potential new clients?
If you have questions, feel free to contact our Internet Marketing Agency.