Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world from content to SEO to pay-per-click marketing. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


Have you heard of TensorFlow? It’s the neural network that’s changing the way we think about SEO with algorithms being able to use natural language and machine learning to understand query intent using linguistics. With technical SEO shifting focus to a more data-driven and analytical process instead of simply keywords and content SEO requiring answering questions and linguistic analysis. Welcome to the new frontier.


Where does PPC fit into your marketing campaigns? Using PPC whether it’s on social media or through a search or display network you can optimize using data, advertise content, and only pay when someone clicks to learn more. Plus, if you want a bonus on your SEO campaigns using PPC can help you develop knowledge around what keywords are most popular and how to use it to your advantage. Learn more here.


Ever wondered who came up with jet packs? Robots? Seems like the kind of thing only a five-year-old could dream up right? You might be right. We’re loving this piece discussing the unique creativity and boundless imagination that children can add to the design process from innovative inventions to getting them to put their ideas to paper and words. Involve your kids to the design process with these tips.

Social Media

While social media has been a part of brands messaging for years, understanding the way that younger generations use it is often a focus when trying to access new audiences. We’re learning more as culture starts to use social media trends to tell stories. 13 Reasons Why, Netflix’s highly contested series about a teenage who commits suicide as a result of cyber bullying tested the waters, and integrations of social media and texting have been popular for years, but with this wildly popular series it reminds us the power social media can have, and why we must harness it for good.

Content Marketing

Is content marketing the new search? The question rings as Airbnb uses video to draw new customers, Expedia leverages their travel blog, and powerful non-sales content entices readers to engage with a company. Brand loyalty is more important as a plethora of options are arriving for a current generation, with the ability to access them at the touch of a button. Cue the “OK Google” generation. Remember, when you’re marketing yourself now it’s not about you – it’s about your customer.


Want to make people excited to work somewhere? Praise them. Everyone likes a compliment, but feeling valued by your supervisors and the emphasis on helping employees accomplish the upper mobility they’re looking for are quintessential in nurturing talent. Because hiring new employees is so expensive, it’s also even more important to focus on nurturing those you have chosen and giving them the support they need to improve. Team work isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s about collaboration and accountability as well.


How do you set goals? Weekly? Quarterly? How much time do you have to achieve them? Breaking down your time into goal cycles has been popular for years, but as companies evolve understanding how teams can work together, and how individuals wearing multiple hats can measure success optimization and measurement has become even more important. We’re testing Warren Buffet’s 6-week strategy for project completion recently talked about by Basecamp, Asana, and Buffer on our content team. The focus, on goals not tasks has helped clarify overall process and improved productivity – and it’s only been a few days. Want to try it for yourself? Learn more about the process here.