In late 2014, Mad Fish entered into an engagement with a regional health care provider looking to expand their presence online. The client was not happy with the functionality of the existing website and did not feel that it built trust with the wellness community they were trying to reach. The site was not responsive or mobile friendly, and the UX was cluttered and confusing.


  • Build a fully responsive, user friendly website
  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Increase phone calls through organic traffic


The first order of business was to implement a fully responsive, mobile friendly site with an eye toward optimal user experience. Mad Fish reorganized the navigation bar according to audience groupings, which enabled users to easily find the group of services that matter most to them.  In addition, Mad Fish researched historically high traffic pages and put them front and center on the home page as a supplement to the navigation bar. This allowed users to easily navigate through the site without getting lost. The site was built with SEO best practices, including optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and web page copy that incorporated the natural use of keywords. Tag Manager was installed to assist with click tracking, and the blog was built out to accommodate content updates to keep the site fresh.

Results: 147% increase in Organic Traffic

When the site was launched in April 2015, organic visitors spiked 102% over the previous year, and 92% over the previous month.  As we continued to add content to the site, the organic traffic grew to a 147% increase and is still climbing:

Results: Bounce Rate Reduced by 24%

Simultaneously, Bounce Rates dropped significantly from an average of 77% to 53%, indicating that the new design and layout was having a positive impact on overall user experience. Longer time spent on site also helped to positively impact brand, as users were exposed to messaging and imagery for longer periods.