17-12-08Video marketing is a fairly new term. It means producing videos and posting them to several video sharing websites to boost your website traffic and get your name out there.
5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Great
1. Google is showing more and more videos in the search results.
2. Producing a video is very inexpensive and posting it is free.
3. Most video sharing services such as YouTube have several tools to help people spread the word. Think about it. People actually market your videos for you.
4. Millions of people promote their websites using articles, but just a small percentage of them use videos. The competition is a lot less fierce.
5. Video communities are a lot more active than article communities. It is not uncommon to post a video on YouTube and get 1,000 comments in a month!
5 Steps to Producing a Video
1. Decide what kind of video you want to record (talking head, based on a PowerPoint presentation, from your computer screen, interview, etc.)
2. Get a good microphone and a camera. It doesn’t have to be a professional camera. Sometimes a simple digital camera is enough.
3. Write the script or prepare the content. Do a practice run first.
4. Record it.
5. Do some minor editing using free software such as Windows Movie Maker. You will probably need to trim out the end and the beginning, and add a watermark with the URL of your website.
Where You Can Submit Your Video
YouTube – http://www.YouTube.com
Google Video – http://video.google.com/
Yahoo Video – http://video.yahoo.com/
FlickLife – http://www.veoh.com/
Blip – http://blip.tv/
Crackle – http://crackle.com/
Flurl – http://www.flurl.com/
BoFunk – http://www.bofunk.com/
Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/
Flixya – http://www.flixya.com/
A Case Study
In case you are still not 100% convinced that video marketing is an amazing tool to drive massive traffic to your website, listen to this. Last month we recorded four videos for a client and distributed them to the services mentioned above.
We used some tricks, picked the right keywords, and created some backlinks to them. Then we social bookmarked them, submitted their RSSs to some RSS search engines, and we finally pinged all the pages that we created. All this took us 4 hours. In 6 days, our client’s videos had 150,000 views! Do you realize what that means? 150,000 people discovered our client’s company in less than 6 days. He got 1,746 visits and $11,235 in revenues from that campaign. His investment was $215. Are you a video marketing believer now?