On Monday I wrote about my favorite Internet marketing books. Today I’m going to share with you the 10 entrepreneurship books that shaped me as an entrepreneur and even as a person. I believe that these books can make you a more successful business person and, more importantly, a happier person.
Ready, Fire, Aim
Michael Masterson is my hero. The guy is a very successful serial entrepreneur and teaches some of the most important business lessons ever in his book Ready, Fire, Aim.

Go Big or Go Home
Wil Schroter has a way to approach business that makes him unique. Don’t even think about starting your own company without reading this book first.

The Knack
I really enjoyed reading this book. Norm teaches a lot of great business lessons using stories, which makes the book very fun to read.

The 4-Hour Workweek
Tim Ferris is like no other guy I know and his book is certainly unique. What I like about The 4-Hour Workweek is how it’s all about making enough money to be happy (and then spend the rest of your time living your life) instead of making as much money as you can. This book will make you re-think a lot of your assumptions about priorities and life.

Jeff and Rich Sloan are two very successful entrepreneurs and the founders of StartupNation.com, the #1 online community for entrepreneurs. Their book shares a lot of great stories that will give you the inspiration you need to grow your company.

The Big Book of Small Business
I really liked Tom Gegax’s approach to business. He talks a lot about being a great leader and building remarkable teams. Highly recommended.

The Art of the Start
Guy Kawasaki is one of my favorite people in the whole world. He’s smart, funny and overall a great guy. The Art of the Start has some of the brightest business lessons I’ve learned in my life.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
Mike Michalowicz did a great job writing this book. It’s all about how entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This book is full of great ideas for the small business owner.

Go It Alone!
Go It Alone! is fun to read, full of stories, tips and step-by-step guides.

Flying Solo
A great book that will teach you how to balance work and life and how to put your priorities in order. If you’re a business owner, you have to read this book.

What are YOUR favorite entrepreneurship books?