Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


We’re breaking down the essentials of the SEO shifts happening this year. Our top takeaways? Data is the truth, don’t discount the importance of reporting and utilizing machine learning to help you capitalize on demand and find insights you may not see alone. Plus, why focusing on hyper-local and mobile can help increase your leads significantly. Get all the details here.


Does social help SEO? Does PPC help SEO? These questions are common when starting out in digital marketing. When you’re going through a redesign or another change that causes SEO to dip, if you don’t see results coming back up you may get stressed and want to use PPC to combat diminished traffic, however, PPC should be a tool that you use to garner additional traffic and pull a lever, it isn’t a fix for diminished organic SEO. Make sure you’re following SEO best practices and use PPC to boost your performance, not maintain it.


To work in the world is to be rejected. If you’ve ever gotten turned down for a position you were enthusiastic about, you know it can be disappointing and frustrating. However, what this designer did was legendary. Instead of getting too frustrated, he took it as a challenge and used his skills to learn and develop a new UX focused design for the popular app… and it’s incredible. Take a look.

Social Media

Brands often try to hire social media managers to be the catch all for their organizations. These job listings often discuss metrics, engagement, content creation and analytics as all one job when in fact, when you enlist such a general skill set for such a specific industry your result is a fractured and shallow engagement across all networks. Understanding why it isn’t a job for one, and why recruiting a reputable agency for your services is advantageous is imperative for your success. Learn more here.

Content Marketing

Storytelling isn’t all about the content itself. Learning the fundamentals of a good arc, the power of a surprise ending, and the contagious nature of good leadership shows how important storytelling is for leaders. Stories are important because they connect with people’s emotional processing to help with decision making. They’re contagious, make facts easier to remember, and are inspiring. Use them to improve both your leadership and your content, and watch the results sing.


It’s trendy to be socially conscious. With B-corps, increased focus on giving back, and more companies are striving to provide good in the world in addition to generating revenue and solving problems. However, being able to brainstorm and connect culture with law can be complicated. We’re loving the idea of moving ideas out of silos and focusing less on short-termism to create a momentum that moves us towards purpose driven organizations. Learn more about how the conversations connect here.


We’ve got good news and bad news. It turns out, ducking out early is probably not actually making a difference in your productivity, but… the work you do late isn’t making an impact either. For optimal results, sticking to a regulated, 6-8 hour schedule, and making sure that you’re measuring the quality of your work, not just the time you spend on them is ultimately more impactful. Often, when we work late or pull longer hours on days off the work we produce isn’t high quality, and thus, when we have to come back and edit it. It, in fact, has diminishing returns. Remind your boss of that fact on Friday when you dip out. It’s all for the best, we promise.