trafficgeyser_logoThe concept behind Traffic Geyser isn’t new, but it’s more than JUST video uploading software. Traffic Geyser revolutionizes and automates your video marketing campaign, and saves you a LOT of time!
Traffic Geyser makes a big impact on your traffic, leads and sales. Viral video marketing is one of the hottest trends in online marketing. In 2008, there were 155 million people in the US who viewed online videos and that number is expected to grow to 183 million by 2011. Video marketing is also a dynamic sales/advertising tool. Consumers are more likely to “take action” and buy a product or services after they’ve watched an online video.
The software is basic and user-friendly. Instead of scouring video sharing sites one at a time, Traffic Geyser allows you to upload one video and pass that file along to multiple video sharing sites (YouTube, etc.) at the same time.
Traffic Geyser boasts great search engine results. According to Traffic Geyser, 70% of web users are more likely to click on organic searches (main searches as opposed to sponsored listings). Traffic Geyser helps your videos achieve top billing on organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Videos perform well with Traffic Geyser if you remember the following helpful tips:

    Backlinks – If you backlink videos, you will see an increase in PR (PageRank) in search engines.

    Powerful and Relevant Content – Traffic Geyser gives you all the necessary tools to create top-notch marketing videos (royalty-free images, slideshow creator, etc). You don’t need a video camera in order to create dynamic videos. Remember that relevant content tied to your brand and company will boost your PR and attract backlinks.

So how will Traffic Geyser help your increase your site’s traffic and sales? Check out WHY you should use video marketing as part of your online marketing strategy:

    Appeals to a MASS audience – You attract a LARGE VISUAL audience – MORE people who are visual learners as opposed to JUST readers!

    Uses more than ONE sensory experience – Text only appeals to the eyes but videos is an engaging sensory experience that appeals to multiple senses – both sight and sound!

    Easily accessible – With the popularity of hi-tech cell phones, PDAs, laptops, users can view videos anywhere, anytime – 24, 7!

    Easy to create – You don’t need to be an AV expert. You only need a digital camera or movie maker software to create videos in no time at all.

    Turn CONTENT into a VIDEO! – What better way to promote your content then through a video? Take your content and convert it into an engaging slideshow complete with dynamic audio/music!

    Become an EXPERT in your niche – You are more likely to make a bigger impression on people when they can see YOU! You will become recognized in your field if people can put a name to a face. By producing impactful videos in your niche, you make a bigger impact on your targeted markets. Customers trust you more which leads to stronger relationship building!