6a00e54ef2b6e2883301156f2220f9970c-800wiWhat are your biggest sales turn off? Pushy salespeople in your face begging you to buy, buy, buy! However, they don’t offer anything valuable in return. They want you to buy the latest and greatest product but what’s the motivating factor? They don’t have one! As a result, people pass them over and won’t buy their products.
The following Internet marketing formula is the most effective six step plan to guaranteed SUCCESS!
Step 1: Distribute Content
Before you even ASK users to spend money on your products and services, you need to offer them something valuable. Would you buy products or services from someone you didn’t know anything about? Probably not!
The first step is to write informative content and distribute it through a variety of FREE marketing avenues including:
Video Marketing – People respond to “visual” content as opposed to just text – greater impact on audiences and put a face behind the name!
Article Marketing – By submitting to free article sites, people learn valuable information and want to read MORE information – a great way to brand yourself and put your name out there.
Social Networking Sites – One of the easiest ways to spread the word about your business to mass people. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Create niche groups or create your own networks to really draw in target markets that appeal to your industry.
Blogs – Stick to one niche/specialty and write interesting, informative posts that really capture subscribers’ attention. Blogs really make an impact by providing VALUABLE information and news. Blogs are another great way to position yourself as an expert in your field.
Forums – Online communities allow you to interact with other members in a “friendly, informal” way. Generate buzz and interest about your company, products and services by interacting with others in forums. However, don’t just join ANY forum – subscribe to forums that really hit your markets and audiences!
Step 2: Reel Them in with GREAT CONTENT
image1You caught their interest and you now have a captive audience. What do you do next? Invite them to check out more valuable content on your site. Some examples include:
Video Tutorials
How-To Articles
Step 3: Subscribe for MORE GREAT CONTENT
Now you REALLY have their interest! However, don’t go in for the kill and hit them with the “hard sale.” You don’t want to scare them off!
Don’t try to entice with special offers either. Invite them to subscribe for more GREAT content (i.e. weekly newsletters, etc.)
Step 4: Send SUPERIOR CONTENT on a regular basis
image2Now it’s time to really WOW them with SUPERIOR CONTENT on an ongoing basis. Offer them something your competition doesn’t offer and make it GREAT!
• Send late-breaking special reports filled with the most up-to-date news in your industry – stay one step ahead of your competition! Research your target markets and give them WHAT they want to read.
• Be consistent with weekly newsletters and offer “real world” tips and information. Don’t talk down to your readers and keep the language simple and to the point.
Step 5: BUILD Relationships First THEN Offer Free Trials/Samples
Potential customers love your information you send on a regular basis. You’ve built a great relationship with them. NOW it’s time to offer them a free trial or sample.
Don’t give away too much though. You just want to give them a “teaser” of all the great products and services you offer.
Some examples might include:
• 10 minute phone consultation
• Trial sample of products
• Free half-hour DVD
Step 6: Customers Are Ready to Buy NOW!
image3At this final stage, your potential customers and clients have been given a “taste” of what you have to offer. They see REAL value in your content, products and services.
They trust you and like you – they know you are an expert in your field and not just another salesperson! They also appreciate the fact that you didn’t hound them every step of the way to BUY BUY BUY! You may have already landed new customers in the first few steps, but by Step 6 customers are ready to BUY NOW!
Just follow these six simple steps and watch your PROFITS grow. However, if you want guaranteed success, remember to take baby steps and OFFER value. Build relationships FIRST and the sales will soon follow!