laboratory_equipmentThe main advantage of helping people become successful is that we get to learn a lot about a lot of different industries. We learn new things all the time and it’s amazing how different some things are in different industries. For example, blue headlines can perform better than read headlines in one industry and the opposite can happen in another industry.
But some things always remain the same across different markets and one of them is what we call The Magic Website Formula. It works like this:
Step 1: Grab Their Attention
Use your headline and/or powerful graphics to grab people’s attention. Remember: when people land on your site, you only have 3 seconds to grab their attention or they’ll leave. No, it’s not a typo: you only have 3 seconds to convince them to stay. So it’s crucial that you understand your market and how your prospects think, and then push their emotional hot buttons so they feel that you are talking to them and understand how they feel.
We call this part of the process “The Problem” because it’s where you show people that you understand their problem. Some examples:
“Are You Sick of Credit Card Payments Eating All Your Income?” (Problem: credit card payments are too high)
“Here’s How a 17-Year Old Kid Got $86,750 in Scholarships –In Only 8 Weeks” (Problem: your prospect wants to go to a college he can’t afford)
Step 2: Offer a Solution
After showing them that you understand their problem, offer a solution to it. Examples:
“Here’s a Step-by-Step System that Will Reduce Your Credit Card Debt by 35% -Without Refinancing, Consolidating Your Debt or Paying a Single Dime”
“Let Me Show You How I Got to Go to College for Free and How You Can Do the Same”
Step 3: Explain How You Can Solve their Problem
This is where you tell people how your solution is the right one for their problem. Stack up as much evidence as you can. Use testimonials, product reviews and case studies. If you can show your prospects that your solution was the right one for others with their same problem, they’ll understand that you can offer them a solution too.
Step 4: Make an Offer
Most websites out there just present information but fail at making an offer. Your website is not a place where people go to get information, it’s a marketing tool. And, if you don’t ask people to take action, guess what will happen? Nothing!
The most important thing to keep in mind when you make an offer is to make sure it’s risk-free. Don’t ask for too much. Let’s say you sell a cream to cure acne. If you pitch people about your product and ask them to buy it, most will say no. Go for micro-commitments instead. Make the first call to action to get your free videos or report with 7 tips to getting rid of acne forever. Ask for a name and an email address in exchange.
Once you have their contact information, bond with them. Send them surprise bonuses and content. Pitch your product very lightly at this point. You’re just trying to earn their trust so far. And when you make an offer, make sure it involves very little risk, something like “try my product for free” or “try it now. If it works and you decide to keep it, we’ll bill you in 30 days. If for some crazy reason it doesn’t work for you and you decide to return it, we’ll give you 110% of your money back just for having tried it”.