Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


We’re proud at Mad Fish to have started to crack the code on position zero, and have reached it for our own clients. While we’ll be pulling back the curtain soon on our process, we’re loving this case study on how HootSuite is breaking into position zero and reaching more marketers. Key takeaways? Make sure you’re already ranking well, format things in lists, and ensure your answer is better than the current featured snippet. It’s that easy – ha! Get more details here.


While Google search and display ads are still fundamentals of our marketing campaigns here at Mad Fish, we’re increasingly working to include social media ads as part of our initiatives to target more users in different stages of the marketing funnel. The transition to social paid media from Google and Bing, however, isn’t always as easy as it seems. Make sure you understand the differences, such as the fact that instead of getting searchers intent, you’re accessing your target market. Three main things to remember:

  • Visuals matter more on Facebook than search
  • The language and copy needs to be more human, focused on a social environment
  • You are trying to get potential customers attention in a different way on social media. Think about how to draw them in.

Get more details on how to optimize your campaigns for social with this helpful post.


Ready to nail the design process? Same. We’re keeping it simple this week with this roundup of the 100 questions designers should always ask to create the best product possible. Some of our favorites?

  • Who am I serving with this design? The user? The client? Myself?
  • Does the product solve a problem effectively/efficiently?
  • How does the product support users with impairments?
  • If development only executes 30% of my design, how does it look?
  • What products are already doing this well?

Read them all here.

Social Media

Want to win on social media? Ditch the clickbait. Being real with your audience, going for quality, popular topics, and using positive and nostalgic language to draw people into your content. I have a background in media, and so I know looking at what articles have gone viral often correlate with the emotions they evoke on social media. Think quality over quantity, and remember: people want to read things that make them happy. Check out the full article here.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and content strategy are hot topics in the advertising world right now. It’s time for all current content marketers to know what they need to do to stay relevant and help brands achieve goals in the coming months. While I don’t agree with all of the conclusions drawn in this prediction article, I’m highlighting what I think will come to pass, including:

  • Increase in native advertising / branded content
  • More augmented reality and AI
  • Content length extremes
  • Personal device interactions (AKA voice search, Alexa, etc.)

Make your own conclusions here.


That whole 4 hour work day thing might not seem achievable to many of us. I personally have struggled with working too much, which resulted in burn out and a general lack of productivity. In the past few months, I’ve worked towards a 6-hour workday, giving me plenty of time to try new things, learn more, and develop my professional skills. Get the full details on the tools I use to make it happen in this post!