We’re breaking down our favorite ads of 2017 in this blog post. We’ve been wowed by all the creative takes different brands and agencies have been trying and loved collecting the ads that we feel gave customers a great experience. Check out some of our favorites below.

Apple, “Earth (Shot on iPhone)”

With Carl Sagan’s powerful narration from Pale Blue Dot, Apple delivers breathtaking video and imagery to hammer home the incredible importance of protecting the planet we all live on. It’s delicate soundtrack and understated branding makes it stand out and make a point without making itself the point.

Patagonia, “The President Stole Your Land”

Patagonia struck back at President Trump with their lawsuit and strong stance on the defense of public lands. While many brands struggled to decide whether to put their politics at the heart of their business, Patagonia made things clear as they always do and it definitely garnered them attention.

Burger King, “Bullying Jr.”

Burger King stood up to bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month with their spot that compared people’s reactions to someone smashing a burger versus picking on a child in the restaurant. It was an impressive way for a brand to leverage their brand with a great cause, and prove that you can find a way to incorporate almost any theme into an ad.

Cards Against Humanity, “Cards Against Humanity Saves America”

This innovative and quirky campaign from the wacky game brand was a favorite of ours. From redistributing the money they earned from the campaign to the least well-off individuals to buying a piece of the border. Regardless of your political affiliation, the move was brilliantly innovative.

Instagram, “Stories are Everywhere”

A collection of creative Instagram stories set with classic movie scene backgrounds highlighted the user-generated fun angles and ideas people come up with to tell their stories to their friends. It was fun, joyful, and creative.

Netflix, “Stranger Things AR Lens”

Stranger Things AR filterThe AR lens Netflix released to allow users to make their snap stories Stranger Things themed. It meant that the release of the second season wasn’t just a Twitter hashtag or photo of a TV screen – it allowed fans to engage and share their love for the series in an innovative new way. Other TV shows would do well to take note.

Travel Oregon, “Oregon Trail Game”

travel oregonThis 8-bit Oregon trail inspired game took modern Portland tropes and put a nostalgic spin on it. It brought people joy both in and outside of the state. People were greeted with everything from 8-bit depictions of Portland landmarks to the opportunity to purchase kombucha. It was a hit.

What were your favorite campaigns this year? Tweet us links at @madfishdigital on Twitter.