Since I wrote “The Only PPC Guide You’ll Ever Need to Read” Google AdWords launched a lot of really cool features. It made me realize that I should never, ever again call a guide “the only one you need to read.” But you know how it works: you need awesome titles to get people to read your content, right? 😉
These are the new Google AdWords features I really love.
Day Parting
This isn’t a new feature, but I forgot to cover it in my previous PPC guide.
Let’s say you sell pizza. If you’re bidding on the keyword “pizza”, your conversion rate is probably really good around lunch and dinner times, and no so good the rest of the day. Also, if your products sell better during working hours and you ship your products worldwide, you’ll have an issue with time zones, because when it’s daytime in the US, it’s nighttime in Japan. Day Parting is the perfect solution for these challenges. Read more here.
Search Funnels Reporting
An amazing tool that provides you with priceless insight on how your visitors are interacting with your ads during the shopping process.

Broad Match Modifier
The broad match modifier is an AdWords targeting feature that lets you create keywords which have greater reach than phrase match, and more control than broad match. Adding modified broad match keywords to your campaign can help you get more clicks and conversions at an attractive ROI, especially if you mainly use exact and phrase match keywords today. Read more here.
Enhanced CPC
It’s a new automated bidding feature that can help you improve your ROI on your campaigns with manual bidding. Enhanced CPC uses your campaign’s historical conversion tracking data to automatically adjust your Max CPC bid based on the likelihood that your ad will convert. As a result, you should receive more conversions while maintaining or reducing your overall CPA and hopefully spend less time managing your Max CPC bids.

Ad Sitelinks
If you’ve been paying attention, you noticed how Google started showing several links for some sites in their SERPs. A similar thing is now available on Google AdWords.

You can read more here.
Location Extensions
Location extensions allow you to “extend” your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your ads. Read more here.

AdWords Campaign Experiments
AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) is a tool that allows you to accurately test and measure changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups and placements. Read more here.

Remarketing allows you to reach people who previously visited your website, and match the right people with the right message. You can show users these messages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network. Read more here.