If you’ve been paying attention to my blog, you know that my favorite word is leverage. One of the best ways to use leverage is by taking advantage of other people’s networks. Strategic alliances are one of the best ways to grow your business fast and strong. This is how the whole process works.
Step 1: Who Buys Your Stuff?
I like using examples to make things easy to understand, so here I go:

If you sell Harley Davidson partsHarley Davidson owners
If you’re a small business consultantSmall business owners
If you’re a chiropractor who deals with chronic fatiguePeople who suffer from chronic fatigue

Step 2: What Else Do Those People Buy?

Harley Davidson ownersHarley Davidson motorcycles, t-shirts, memberships to Harley Davidson clubs, etc.
Small business ownersOffice furniture, printing supplies, web design services, legal services, CPA services, etc.
People who suffer from chronic fatigueRed Bull, multi-vitamin supplement, coffee, etc.

Step 3: Create Strategic Alliances with Companies that Sell to Your Customers

  • Work out deals with Harley Davidson dealerships so when the motorcycles they sell break, they buy parts from you. Work out deals with companies that sell Harley Davidson t-shirts so they give their buyers a $50 gift card they can use to buy your Harley Davidson parts. The other company wins because they’re giving their buyers something of value, the customer wins because he’s getting a gift card and you win because you’ll be getting business from them.
  • Work out a deal with a local web design firm so they offer a free 1-hour consultation with you to their clients. In return, email your contacts and let them know this web design agency does great websites and that your friends can get a 10% discount by mentioning your name. You can do the same thing with local attorneys and CPAs.
  • Work out a deal with your local coffee store so they give your brochure to people that buy Red Bulls and coffee all the time. In return, hold your company meetings at the coffee store and take some of your clients there (and don’t be cheap and order the less expensive coffee they have!)
  • It’s all about building mutually-beneficial relationships. Now get out there, start working out deals and see your company grow!
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