Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


If you’ve been doing PPC for a while, you may have noticed that different markets are harder to increase rankings in. While you may love your metropolitan clients it can be frustrating to not see the same results there as other less populous areas. Focusing on quality and local search may help you, like utilizing well-known neighborhoods in title tags or being able to offer additional search terms that are specific to your businesses unique offerings. Learn more about the competitive SEO landscape in this piece.


It’s summer, which means bathing suits, pool floaties and HVAC specialists are having a field day with seasonal shopping. These seasons of opportunity for PPC and shopping terms can be incredibly lucrative, but knowing the right ways to market your business for the increased search volume is crucial. Get tips on how to market your business during seasonal shopping here, and, if you need help getting off the ground and maximizing your PPC potential, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Mad Fish to help.


Whether you’re designing a landing page, a website, or a social graphic, understanding how the user will respond to it is crucial. For many, this may stop just with user experience and conversion optimization, but taking it to the next level and allowing empathy into your process may help you see unprecedented results, as well as fostering engagement and improving the overall value of your work. Learn more about how to incorporate it into your process here.

Social Media

Trying to keep up with social trends might make your head spin. With more than 7 popular social media platforms to keep track of can get overwhelming, but learning how to prioritize yourself and setting aside time for each can be the key to your success. Another tip? Execute your plans instead of constantly consuming information. Just learned something new about Instagram stories? Test it out! Get more tips here so you can start executing with confidence.

Content Marketing

If you’re getting discouraged about your content’s reach, we’ve got good news. Each viewer counts. If you’re focusing on quantity of views over quality, you’re missing the point. While you may be tempted to tout high traffic numbers as proof your content is working, those number ring empty if you aren’t getting engagement from the audience. Take it from Gary Vaynerchuk – one view is everything. We couldn’t say it better ourselves.


Hey guys. We say it instinctively, not because a group is primarily men. Our language is coded by where we grew up, those we’re surrounded with, our cultural and socioeconomic status sexual orientation and more. When we’re talking in the workplace or writing job descriptions it can be difficult to break out of those patterns to make your language more inclusive. This guide goes over major things to keep in mind to help you improve your language in the workplace (and life)!


When LeBron James or Kevin Durant sinks a basket, it isn’t luck. It’s the number of times they’ve practiced, their pregame, their willingness to learn and put themselves out there. The same can be said for your productivity and work achievements. We often get caught up in assumptions about where we should be and how we should be doing and become too paralyzed to try. Take this as the sign that it’s time to change your approach, put yourself out there, and start sinking whatever your basket is. Here are 9 steps to follow to become the best in the world at whatever it is you want to do.