01-missinglinkStartupNation just posted one of my articles to their site. I think it’s one of the best case studies you will ever read on how a company applied Social Media Marketing to grow their business.
These days most people are trying to get involved in Social Media Marketingbut don’t understand how it works. This article will give you a pretty good idea: http://www.startupnation.com/articles/9441/1/social-media-marketing-missed-link.htm
By the way, I wanted to apologize for not having been posting very often lately. I’ve been super busy but everything is now back to normal, so stay tuned for the upcoming articles. They will be amazing! I have to make it up to you after all, don’t I?
On a different note, about a month ago I started a joint venture with John Assaraf, a New York Times and WSJ bestselling author, featured in the movie The Secret, and responsible for billions of dollars in sales at several companies. John is a great guy and a very good friend. Partnering with him is great news for The Outsourcing Company and I wanted to share it with you.
Be in the lookout for the upcoming articles. I will keep sharing with you amazing tips that you can use to grow your company using online marketing!