increase-search-engine-positionIf the product or service that you are offering is very specialized and you don’t face too much competition, chances are that you can be on the first page on Google for five keywords that you choose within a month. This works great for companies serving their local markets and companies offering very unique products. Let’s talk about the way this should be done.

Step 1: Find Keywords with 50+ Monthly Searches
Use the Google Keyword Tool to get variations of your main keyword. Try to find at least 20 keywords with 50 monthly searches or more.
Step 2: Filter Out Keywords with Too Much Competition
Do a Google search for “allintitle: your keyword”. You want to keep keywords with less than 200 competitors. In some markets, finding keywords with more than 50 monthly searches and less than 200 competitors could be a real challenge. If that’s the case, add modifiers to the keywords. For example, if you offer web design services you can try:
Web design in Seattle
Web design for real estate agents in Seattle
Web design for lawyers
Affordable website design services in Seattle
Step 3: Create a Landing Page for Each of Your Five Keywords
Put your keyword in the page title, meta description, meta keywords, H1, and in bold about 5-10 times throughout the text. Make sure that your landing page article has between 500 and 1,000 words.
This is the most important part of this short tutorial, so please pay attention: make sure that your landing pages offer excellent and useful content. Remember that your ultimate goal is having a great website, not manipulating search engine ranks.
Step 4: Link to Your Landing Pages from Your Home Page
Put a link to each of your landing pages in the footer or the side of your home page. If you can link to your landing pages from other pages on your site, it’s even better. Use the right anchor text to link to them.
Step 5: Build Links
Create accounts at some Web 2.0 social media sites, post excellent information and link to your landing pages using the right anchor texts. Create about 20 pages for each keyword.
Make sure that you don’t post the same article to several sites. Write different variations of the same article or write new articles completely from scratch.
Step 6: Speed Up the Process
Ping all the pages that you created, grab all the RSS feeds from all the pages where you posted your articles and submit them to RSS directories. Then ask your friends to social bookmark both your landing pages and the articles you published.
In most cases you should see the results overnight, but it could take up to a month for your website to rank. Sometimes, because you are posting your articles to sites that have a lot of authority, these articles will outrank your own website. That’s fine, because people will still find your article and if it’s useful and you give them a good reason to visit your site after reading the article, they will