SNP_3125703_en_v1RLSA stands for remarketing lists for search ads. It’s an AdWords feature that allows you to show ads to people doing Google searches only if they have visited your website before. This is how it works:

  1. Jane goes to your website and looks at a Prada handbag.
  2. Jane loves the bag but isn’t ready to buy yet, so she leaves your website.
  3. A week later Jane decides to buy the handbag so she searches Google for “Prada handbags.”
  4. Your ad appears at the top of the page because you’re bidding higher on visitors who have been to your website in the past.
  5. Jane recognizes your brand and buys the handbag from you.

We, marketers, love the ability to target Google searchers who are familiar with our brands. It just doesn’t get any more targeted than this because this people are doing a Google search (which implies they’re looking for a product you sell) and are familiar with your brand.
These are some best practices to run successful RLSA campaigns.

Optimize Your Bids for RLSA Campaigns

Your bidding strategy for RLSA campaigns is different from search campaigns. In RLSA campaigns you can increase your bids based on the pages people visited on your website. For example, you can increase your bids by 15% for people who saw your products and by 30% for people who added products to their shopping carts.
If you’re a B2B company, you might want to bid higher on people who visited your contact page but didn’t submit an inquiry.

Go After Broad Keywords

In regular search campaigns we always make sure to use exact and broad match modifier for all our keywords. This allows us to make our ads extremely targeted. But in RLSA campaigns you can afford to include broad match type keywords because people familiar with your brand are much more likely to convert into customers.

Rotate Your Creatives

RLSA campaigns don’t support reach or frequency capping, meaning that you can’t limit how many times a week people see your ads. In order to avoid ad saturation, we strongly recommend creating multiple ads.

Integrate Dynamic Remarketing and RLSA for Optimal Results

Dynamic remarketing is a godsend for ecommerce sites. It allows you to retarget consumers by showing them the exact same product they checked out on your website. This is much more effective than showing them generic ads with your brand, because they actually see pictures of the products they want.
By integrating RLSA with dynamic remarketing brands can target Google searchers by showing them the exact product they were browsing on their websites and taking them to that product page, which is an extremely effective way to boost conversion rates.

What Results Can You Expect from RLSA Campaigns?

  • RLSA ads have 145% higher click-through rates than regular search ads because people are familiar with your company and are more likely to click on an ad for a brand they recognize.
  • RLSA ads have a 315% higher conversion rate than regular search ads.
  • RLSA ads provide a 250% higher return on ad spend than regular ads.

Source: iProspect