250Risk-reversal is a tried and true sales tactic that puts the responsibility of the sales “risk” back on the company and takes the burden off customers. Basically, it makes your offer sound “risk-free” – clients won’t have ANY objections or reasons NOT to buy your product or service.
If you NEVER offer customers a guarantee, then you risk losing sales. With the tough economy and tight budgets, people are very picky how they spend their hard-earned money these days.
Companies need to set themselves apart from their competition. If they don’t offer potential clients and customers unique offers they’ve never seen before, they won’t increase their bottom line.
Risk-reversal guarantees show customers that you care about them and want to offer them ONLY the best! You also gain client loyalty and keep them coming back for more products and services in the future.
Why should you use risk-reversal tactics?
risk1• Shows that YOUR products and company has WORTH! By offering these guarantees, consumers automatically assume you are good at what you do and are offering high-quality products and services!

• Makes consumers feel comfortable/at ease with their buying decision

• Eliminates barriers that prevents people from buying your products or services

• Increases your SALES and PROFITS!
With online marketing, you always need to have an “out” for customers or they won’t buy. If you don’t, you give them every reason to back out of the deal and not make the investment in your product. Don’t leave them with ANY doubts! Steer clear of “run of the mill” guarantees (i.e. 30 day money back guarantee).
risk2The following risk-reversal tactics are unique guarantees that will attract hundreds of new clients and customers.
110% money back guarantee – Not only do you have offer the full 100% money back on the product or service, but you sweeten the “deal” by offering customers an additional 10%. This REALLY shows customers that you are willing to go the extra mile if they aren’t satisfied. You can also offer a “100% money back guarantee” plus a free gift or voucher that gives customers something “extra.”

Lifetime guarantee – Lifetime guarantee assures customers that if anything happens to their product after they purchase it, they can return it at any time to replace the product. Lifetime guarantees are MORE than just warranties or service agreement. Lifetime carries a lot of weight and gives customers assurance and peace of mind that they can return the product ANY time.

Risk-Free Trial Period for 30 days (and only pay for the product/service IF you are satisfied) – Software companies use this risk-free tactic all the time to try out free anti-virus programs. Try it out “risk-free” for 30 days and if customers like the product/service, they can purchase it. If they don’t want to buy it, the free trial period expires. They are under NO obligation to buy.

Return Part of the Order and Keep the Other Half (Just for Trying It!) – Customers are actually rewarded for trying out products. If they aren’t satisfied then they can return half of the order and the company pays for the return shipping. A win-win situation for the customer. They get to keep part of their order and the shipping costs for the second half of the order falls back to the company.