Hand_covering_faceThis is less of an article and more of a rant. Who doesn’t love a good rant? What the hell happened to customer service? I’m not even talking about amazing, mind-blowing, moving Heaven and Earth to make a customer happy customer service. I don’t know what happened to people at least pretending that they are happy to have you in their store.
Twice in the last two weeks I have gone to the Fred Meyer’s grocery store right by our office. The first time, two of the checkers were complaining about a customer using a coupon and they never even looked me in the eye. I sarcastically thanked my checker at the end of the transaction and he blandly said, “You’re welcome.” Ugh. During the second trip I was treated to two employees stocking shelves and debating which race made for the best sexual partners. REALLY?!? I feel dirty even writing that I overheard the conversation.
Indulge me while I share what I think are the absolute minimum standards one should hold themselves to when working with customers.

Basic Rules of Customer Service

  • Customers don’t want to hear your problems. If you aren’t happy with your job, find a new one or keep it to yourself. It makes customers unhappy and your coworkers are more likely to hate their jobs too.
  • Smile and ask how your customers are doing. If the customer asks how you are doing, tell them you are great and give them a smile the size of Texas. Part of customer service is making a customer’s day a bit brighter because they got to see you.
  • Don’t walk by a customer in the store without looking them in the eye and at least smiling. Customers are not a bother that prevent you from getting your job done. They are the only reason you have a job. If they go away because they hate doing business with you then you are out of a job. It’s simple math.
  • If you are with another customer and there is someone else waiting then at least acknowledge them and let them know that you will be with them soon. People don’t mind waiting. They get that you are helping someone else, but they want to know you care they are waiting and want to help them as quickly as possible.

I know these rules seem basic, but if they were so basic then why doesn’t it seem to happen? Do you have any customer service horror stories? What rules are missing form the list? Comment below.