Last week, KOIN 6 News in Portland asked us to address the topic of keeping kids safe online.
We feel this important topic is one that we don’t talk about enough. Watch the interview below, followed by 6 tips for protecting your kids online.

6 Tips for Protecting Your Kids Online

  1. Start Early
    As soon as your child expresses an interest in going online, let them know you will always be involved. Lay out the ground rules and stick to them.
  2. Use Their Logins
    Use your child’s account to monitor their activity. Don’t just friend your child. They can limit what you see and you won’t be able to see the messages that they are sending and receiving.
  3. Keep It Public
    Keep the computer your family uses in a public area where the screen is visible at all times.
  4. History is Not Enough
    Don’t rely on viewing browser history to monitor your child’s online activity. They could use private browsing modes to hide their activity. Restrict your child’s activity online by using any number of software applications that can allow your child to only go to specific websites.
  5. Check Their Mobile Devices
    You child might have social media accounts on their mobile device that you don’t know about. Make sure you check these devices often and that your children know you will look through all of their applications and texts.
  6. Explain the Risks
    Talk to your child about the dangers of sharing information and communicating with strangers online. By understanding why you are monitoring their activity, they are more likely to be less resistant. Also, tell them that if they are ever unsure of something online that they can talk to you about it.

Share any extra tips you have in the comments below.